What is the capacity of your Middle Leaders?

  • Are your Middle Leaders navigating between strategic leadership and frontline management or are they waiting on you for the next move?  
  • Are your middle leaders leveraged to optimize results and move the organization forward or are they buried in the minutia? 
  • Are you still waiting for your Middle Leaders to step up to being the change agents, feedback 'loopers' and the linchpins of the strategy?
  • Are your Middle Leaders inspired, engaged and influential or are they hesitant, frazzled and uncertain?
  • Do you want to grow your leaders in-house versus looking for outside talent, but aren't sure how?  

The INSPIRED MIDDLE LEADERS INITIATIVE framework prepares these central players to lean into this role. Enabling them to confidently apply their knowledge and experience toward having a profound strategic impact within their organizations.  

Over the last 10 years, our environment has been moving from an industrial-driven, command-and-control to a knowledge-driven, relationship-based one. Middle Leaders are in a unique position to influence this opportunity because they have the perspectives from both the senior level and the front line.  

Depending on the size of your company, you may call them managers, general managers, plant managers, regional managers, divisional managers or even vice presidents and directors. No matter the title, those leading from the middle are THE leverage point in your organization.  

Registration is limited!


When: Orientation Session - September 2019

Where: Lansing, MI

Who: Middle Leaders 

Why: Because you want to significantly increase your return on MIDDLE leadership!

Here's the effective way to develop your central influencers:

Inspired Middle Leaders Initiative is a leadership development platform perfectly molded into the middle leadership schedule that moves from theory to practice and gives you amazing return on investment for your business budget. 

An integrated approach of in-person, virtual, and cohort community experience creates the ideal framework for middle leader growth and development.  

It flows over six sessions and more than 70 hours of developmental researched-based content including:  

  • 6 Intimate LIVE monthly Interactive Workshops with customized Cafés to integrate concepts
  • 6 Convenient virtual Leadership Mastermind Huddles to support and practice integration
  • In addition, 3 post-workshop virtual Leadership Mastermind Huddles to anchor the experience  
  • Private Facebook group for richer Middle Leader discussion and connection
  • Monthly office hours
  • Invaluable tools and resources  
  • All session materials, assessments, lunches, refreshments and certificates included  

To keep the quality of the experience extremely high, intimate and actionable, it will be capped at...well...only 24 people. 

Inspired Middle Leaders Initiative Framework

Leading from the Inside-Out

These times of global opportunities, sensibilities and complexities call for a different type of leader to inspire, engage and influence people at all levels of an organization. It starts with how we choose to ‘show up” in the world. We will discover the type of leader they aspire to be from the inside out.

Navigating Transition

Explore change and transition from a leader's perspective. Discover practical tips to harness the energy that change brings and tools to lead themselves and employees through transitions that will sustain and maximize business success in these changing times.

Mastering Collaboration

We’ve used cooperation and collaboration synonymously, but they are very different and can yield very different results. We will identify the differences and share strategies of how to move from cooperation to collaboration in a way that increases individual impact, team effectiveness and business leverage.

Leveraging Your Network

Networking has become an essential skill in today's relationship-driven environment. We will discover the importance of developing a strategic network and understand its impact on having a more profound impact in getting things done. 

MIDDLE Strategic Thinking  

Even the best knowledge won’t shift the culture without putting it thorough a holistic lens. We will utilize tools that enable you to grasp the complexities of an organization, see the big picture, notice patterns and make sense of challenging situations.

Influencing Upwards

Developing strategies to manage this important dynamic with influence, respect and grace. Taking steps to build a healthier positive relationship, to communicate, and bridge the gap between senior leaders and the front line, vendors and customers.


We're ready to enroll our Middle Leaders?

What: Inspired Middle Leaders Initiative

When: Orientation Session - September 2019 

Where: TBA (Lansing, MI)

Why: Because you want to significantly increase your return on Middle Leadership!

Who: Middle Leaders 

How much: $6997 

  • Or 3 installments of $2,499
  • Even better, three or more from the same organization, the investment is only $5,997 each

Ready to leverage your Return On Leadership?

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